Blue Sapphire / Neelam Locket

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Neelam or Sapphire is also a gemstone of Corundum family mentioned above. In this case the pure white crystal of corundum (Al2O3) gets a bluish hue due to impurities caused by iron salts. Sapphires have striking luster and color which ranges from light to very dark blue. Blue Sapphires are given a variety of cuts; the most common being the oval cut. Because of its rarity, blue Sapphires are one of the most highly prized of the corundum species.
Sapphire represents Saturn who is the second largest planet in Vedic astrology, and signifies longevity, elders, discipline, authority, ambition, leadership, honesty, perfection, humility, denial, delays, misery, adversity, accidents, conservatism and dutifulness. Saturn is often symbolized as a servant. Saturn is a highly separatist planet and tends to separate a person from the happiness connected to the house or the house lord that he influences.
People with Libra and Taurus ascendants benefit most by wearing a Sapphire. It can also be worn when Saturn Maha Dasha is in progress. Sapphire is a potent gem and shows its result immediately. It should be worn only after a thorough study of the birth chart.

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