Australian South Sea Pearl / Moti Ring

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Certified South Sea Pearl / Moti Ring

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Pearl or Muktak represents Moon in Vedic astrology and is easily the most valued of the organic gems. It is formed when a small speck of sand falls in an oyster shell and begins to irritate the mollusk living inside it. To stop the irritation the mollusk tries to coat the speck with its secretions called nacre. In time the size of the nacre grows and becomes a round pearl. A pearl is a therefore a very special and exclusive gift of nature. The most valued pearls come from the ocean and have a visible luster or sheen with the most common being white or cream with a rose overtone. Pearls from the gulf of Basra on the Iraq coast are world famous.
These days pearls are cultivated artificially by deliberately adding small bits of crushed pearls to mollusk colonies which are grown in sea water in cages. The mollusks are harvested periodically and the pearls removed. Japanese pearls which are grown using this technique are superior to the Chinese variety in which the pearl is grown over a plastic ball instead of a real pearl core.
Moon represents the mind, emotional nature, affluence and public perception of an individual. Everyone can and should wear a pearl. There are no astrological restrictions connected to it. Wearing a Pearl brings harmony and stability to mind. Pearl is especially recommended when Moon is in the grip of Saturn, Rahu or Sun. For astrological remedies, pearl should be as close to a sphere as possible. It should not have an oval shape and the nacre should be without any indentations. The preferred size is at least ten millimeters.

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Weight .100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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