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What Gemstones Really are ?

Gems are mineral crystals of different types that were formed millions of years ago when the molten rocks or Magma was cooling down to form earth’s crust. As the earth cooled, the crystals formed and got attached to other rocks and minerals that were being formed at the same time. Minerals like Corundum or Aluminum Oxide is pure white in color but may often be colored differently due to the impurities caused by other metal compounds. On the left is a picture of a Corundum crystal that is colored slight blue and is known as Neelam or Sapphire. This crystal on the right appears red due to the presence of Chromium salts.
These crystals are mined and then cleaned before being sold to people who cut and polish them to make the gems that we use in jewelry.
A high quality jewel need a high quality ring and this is the reason why we have an elaborate and fully equipped jewelry making facility that provides customized rings and pendants in the required metals with a Hallmark certificate.

How do gemstones work ?

In its broadest sense, Prana means the force or energy. According to Vedic or Hindu philosophy, all creation is energy or force because force is nothing but expression of energy. In this sense, energy pervades the universe. The space around us that appears to be empty is in reality a seething cauldron of energy. Before we go further here is a quote from modern western scientific literatureon this subject , “When physicists began to study the quantum theory of fields, they discovered that a vacuum was not all what it had long appeared to be – just empty space devoid of substance and activity. What might appear to be empty space is a seething ferment of virtual particles. A vacuum is not inert and featureless, but alive and throbbing with energy. A real particle like an electron must always be viewed against this background.“Empty space does not appear a very promising subject for study, yet it hold the key to a fuller understanding of the forces of nature.” Writes Paul Davies Ph.D. in Superforce (New York-Simon and Schuster, 1984.). Fritjof Capra writes in The Tao of Physics (Boston-Shambhala, Third Edition 1991) “The field theories of modern Physics force us to abandon the classic distinction between Material particles and the void,” Einstein’s field theory of gravity and quantum field theory both show that particles can’t be separated from space surrounding them. On the one hand they determine the structure of that space,
whilst on the other hand they cannot be regarded as isolated entities, but have to be seen as condensation of a continuous field which is present throughout the space “The field exists always and everywhere. It can never be removed. It is the carrier of all material phenomena. Being and fading of particles are merely forms of motion of the field.” It is a mouthful but in short it means that space is not empty but is composed of energy. It is not an empty room where an electric bulb is shining. It is a room which exists because of that light. This is beautifully summed by this gem of a Sanskrit Shlok. The unmanifested universe is full, the manifested universe is also full. After taking out full from the full what remains is also full. The gemstones absorb a specified spectrum of the energy that matches it and transmit it to our body. It is for this reason that it is essential that the gemstone touches our body. A ruby will absorb the spectrum that relates to the sun and send it to our body. Similarly a pearl will transmit the energy of the Moon, a coral of Mars and so on. For best results we use the metal that is related to the planet whose gemstone is being used. The following table makes it clear.

What to look for when buying a gemstone ?

Gems are a long time investment that gives returns in two distinct ways. They enhance the positive energies in one’s horoscope and bring wealth, prosperity, happiness and mental peace. A person grows in self confidence which enhances his social status.
Gems are also an investment that grows with time. Genuine and pure gems always appreciate in value because as the old mines are worked out completely the high quality gems that they have produced become rare. Two examples come to mind. The Basra pearls which were harvested from the gulf of Basra in Iraq are very rare and expensive these days. Pearls that were available for a thousand Rupees a carat in 1981 are now worth thirty times that amount. High quality Sapphires that used to be mined in Neelam valley in Kashmir have suffered the same fate. Kashmir Neelam is easily sold at five times the price it fetched originally as the mines have been completely worked out.
Gems should have four important qualities. Their color should be as close to the color which is prescribed in the astrology classics. They should be as clear and transparent as possible. There should be no cloudiness, spots, occlusions or spider lines when viewed against the light. The gems should have inner luster and feel smooth to the touch. Emerald is an exception to this rule as it is very seldom free from at least a few occlusions.
The gems should be completely natural and not heat treated. Heat treatment is done to enhance the color and hide the impurities. Such gems should be avoided at all cost.
Another way of increasing the value by masking the faults mentioned above is by liquid polymer treatment. Gems like Emerald are placed in a liquid polymer and subjected to high pressure that forces the polymer into the capillaries and other imperfections. The Gemstone is then heated which solidifies the polymer and makes the stone look better that what it really is.
The way a gemstone is cut and polished is extremely important. Gems get their brilliance through total internal refraction which is created by cutting facets to the gemstone. The cut and angle of the facet can bring a startling change to the appearance. These days diamonds have as many as 57 facets. This has become possible due to high precision polishing machinery. Other gemstones have also benefited from this technology.
Agni Puran clearly mentions that inward luster, transparency, illumination with rays, free from impurities and good shape are the hall marks of a good Gemini.
Garud Puran points out the defects that a Gemini should be free from. Gems should not be rough to the touch, and they should not be cracked, scratched or stained in any way.
When talking about Emerald, Garud Puran states that Emerald that has a pure, bluish green color like that of a spring meadow, with s soft glow and one which is blemished with too many occlusions


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